NOTE: This game is not finished, so some bugs may appear and above all you have to know that you cannot complete it and that you will get stuck after playing the first 4 levels.

Rainbow Girl is an arcade platformer game inspired in the mechanic of the original game "Rainbow island" where the protagonist use rainbows to attack enemies and at the same time can use those rainbows as a platform in the game. 


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I love the art style and the game play feels so smooth. Well done! 

Ty pal! Maybe someday I will finish it and make an actual game >.< 

The screen button is more for Android users, for PC users it would be nice to have an option to disable the screen buttons, in Boss battle it would be better if it also have a Rainbow Beam power-up that shoot more precise than creating "Rainbow Island" arches and also fix to put the indicator of lives and score.

Thank you for the feedback really appreciate it. You are right about everything, but most of those things are because as I mentioned in the description the game is not finished. I hope to find some motivation and free time after my day job to work a bit on this to make a few more levels and polish all the little things you mentioned about take out screen button for the web version, etc.